Apalachen History

I have returned from the shadows! A lot of life happened in the six months since I last posted. My business took off, I had some really great and loyal customers, I was about to get established in the Lake Norman area, and all was well in the world. And then we moved out of … Continue reading Apalachen History


Absence Update

Hi y'all. I wanted to apologize for my absence and lack of activity on here recently because I've recently began the process of starting my own small business! Soap making has been a passion of mine for a while now and the time felt right to see if I could make a business out of … Continue reading Absence Update

Twelfth Night: An Appalachian Christmas Story

An Appalachian history blog wouldn’t be complete without a Twelfth Night explanation, so here it is! Merry Old Christmas!   Anyone who knows anyone from Appalachia is certainly well aware of the stereotype surrounding his/her apparent stubbornness. As a native Appalachian of a dozen generations, I can personally attest to the truth of this behavioral trait. … Continue reading Twelfth Night: An Appalachian Christmas Story

Saltville, Virginia 1924: The Year Without a Christmas

Nestled in a small river valley in the heart of Southwest Virginia, present-day Saltville is little more than a dot on the map. As evidenced by the town’s name, this particular area in the valley has historically been rich in salt deposits. The salt in this valley attracted prehistoric animals into its environment like mastodons, … Continue reading Saltville, Virginia 1924: The Year Without a Christmas

When West Virginia Got the Best of Old Jack

During the American Civil War, the picturesque Shenandoah Valley was one of the most vital locations for both the state of Virginia and the Confederacy. Nestled neatly between the wall of Blue Ridge Mountains on the east and the imposing Allegheny Mountains on the west, the roughly 200 mile long valley famously grew a plethora … Continue reading When West Virginia Got the Best of Old Jack


The recent American presidential election and its outcome has forced me, and many others, to reflect on the state our society. We’ve ruefully floated around questions like: Is this what American stands for? Is this the legacy that we want to leave? What do we tell the children? What about my marriage? My healthcare? My … Continue reading Reflections

Joara: Spain’s Roanoke Island

In 1587, John White sailed away from the fledgling English colony on Roanoke Island, North Carolina over which he governed. He left with every intention of returning to a thriving settlement exactly where he left it. But as fate would have it, White returned a year later to a deserted colony with only a vague … Continue reading Joara: Spain’s Roanoke Island